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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 15, 2001 || 8:08 pm

4 times that I have been lucky:

-The time that I got a copy of the Beatles’ ‘White Album’ on CD brand new for three bucks because of a pricing error.

I found it at a chain music store. When I pointed it out to the manager, I noted that I would pay for it at regular price, but he insisted on honoring the sticker. Cool.

-When I was really hurting for cash one time and I needed nineteen more dollars to pay a bill.

I said a quick prayer while sitting in my car for God to help me swallow my pride and ask for some leniency from the place I owed the money to. I opened my car door, placed my foot on the ground, and found a twenty dollar bill lying next to my instep.

-When I asked my friend Maxim over to swig a couple beers and hang out and he professed his years-long love for me.

I was packing to move to the east coast at the time. He had packed a few days prior so he could run off to Portland, Oregon with his band. This is a story for the ages, and I should tell the whole thing sometime.

-April 1, 1996

It was my birthday, and I had double-luck…I pulled a check for $450.00 out of the mailbox from my dad. I walked into one of the local guitar shops and found my favoritest guitar ever…a black Martin acoustic-electric. It looked new. For $350.00 it and a hardshell case went to buy new boots with me. The d00d at the shop even skipped the sales tax because it was my birthday, my buh-buh-buh-BIRTHday.

Hey, do you have four times when YOU’ve been lucky? I’d like to hear ‘em….

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