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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 19, 2001 || 11:19 pm

I have this pal who is the coolest. He is so cool, that I save each and every e-mail from him. In a special folder. Of its own.

I swear.

So, after the ‘X-mas’ post, I get an e-mail from him. Seth nearly tagged it in his comment on the post, but my cool pal laid down the complete etymology of the phrase in its entirity and for that he gets mad props and hella cut-and-paste. I wish I had done my research a little more thoroughly, but the meat of my argument still hangs, as vox populi has no effing clue about this either. They use the phrase “X-mas” indiscriminately out of laziness. Now on to the show:

“I was looking for something to do and now I’m pestering you…

“Hold on to your britches, sister: XMAS is actually correct.

“I could pull out the research, but I’ll just spare you the
etymological details and hit the highlights.

“First of all, Christ isn’t really named Christ. If you go back
to the beginning of this whole thing where we called him
Christ, you’ll see that he was actually called X. Which is the Greek
letter “Chi”, which is the first letter of the word Christos,
which means “annointed one” or “messiah.” So, X is interchangable
with Christ, when you get right down to it. After all, they weren’t
the Christ family…it wasn’t Mary and Joseph Christ and their
kid Jesus.

“If it were, say, 200 a.d., you’d call it XMASS, and even then
the Romans would probably kill you. Some historians suspect
that this is really where this whole XMAS thing came from…
since all of Christianity was underground for the first several
hundred years, and it was all coded and hush-hush. It was called
XMAS so the Romans wouldn’t know what you were talking about,
but fellow Xians would.

“Now, calling it “ex-mess” like people do, that’s just WRONG.
It should be X-MASS, because it’s a mass. And it should
probably still be called Christmas when you’re saying it
out loud.

“But as for spelling it XMAS, that’s technically correct.
At least historically speaking.

“So, to summarize: X is the same thing as Christ. But the fact
that the average mo who says XMAS doesn’t realize this means
they have no right to say it. Smack them as you normally

“In fact, if you aren’t Greek, a scholar of religion or history, or at
the very least you don’t know why it’s called XMAS, you should
keep your mouth shut. About everything. All year ’round.”

See??? Tha coolest.

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