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|| January 31, 2002 || 11:45 pm || Comments (0) ||

I'm Peter Tork

“You’re portrayed as the dummy (even dumber than Mr. Schneider!). You’re always letting your dim-wits get you into trouble. However, in real life you are far from dumb. You’re philosophical, musical and intelligent. You have been though some tough times with drugs and alcohol but now you speak about your experience in hopes that others won’t make the same mistakes. Gee, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

“You really do play your own instruments and MANY of them. You were one of the more musically talented Monkees. Now you tour with your own Blues Band and sometimes with your friend James Lee.”

Take the Hey Hey, Which Monkee Are You? Quiz.

|| January 31, 2002 || 11:37 pm || Comments (0) ||

Sometimes I get fixated on a weird little thought. My brain just spits it out and then snags it up to bat around.

Like the one I had tonight: Ever think about all the little bits of DNA that we leave in our wake on a daily basis? People spit in parking lots, lose hair, shed particles of skin every single day while going about their business. They never even think about it, I’m sure.

Guess that’s okay, though, because I am doing enough thinking on it for all of us. Boy howdy, do the conspiracy stories abound!

|| January 30, 2002 || 11:25 pm || Comments (0) ||

I am inSANE and bleary-eyed. I should just learn to be happy in my web-mediocrity.

|| January 30, 2002 || 9:30 pm || Comments (0) ||

Oh dear God, none of you should be clicking anything over there to the right until further notice. Everything is still unfinished and/or jonesed up. Thanks ever so much.

|| January 25, 2002 || 2:29 pm || Comments (0) ||

At least he was useful in death….some of us aren’t even useful while breathing.

*link ripped from hoguester*

|| January 25, 2002 || 2:12 pm || Comments (0) ||

As God is my witness, I LOVE The Bernie Mac Show and I can’t help it. If you want a bit of an idea of what life in my household is like, watch it.

“Ah’m tellin’ ya, Uhmurrickuh, Ah’m goana KEEL these kids one day!!”

|| January 25, 2002 || 1:51 pm || Comments (0) ||

OH, HOLY COW…I nearly forgot to tell you that I talked to the real, the authentic, the true SPACE GHOST on the radio a few days ago!!! I was so fucking excited that I actually giggled (er….*ack*….’twas painful admitting that, but ’twas necessary).

I realize that this makes me Nerdo Supremo, but I don’t effing care, because I GOT TO TALK TO SPACE GHOST AND YOU DIDN’T!!

I asked him who the most loathsome person(s) he ever had to share a studio with was/were, you know, like who would he most have liked to punch in the throat. He told me it was the Bee Gees. I then asked him if he would like to come over for beer and sausages sometime and he asked me if that was some sort Alabama-Freudian thing that he should be clued into.

“No,” I replied, “just a small slice of my own personal madness.”

“I like you, my dear, I do.” Space Ghost likes me! *swoon*