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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 11, 2002 || 5:38 pm

HA! The horoscope tomorrow for those of the Gemini persuasion:

Mop up your extra cash and save, as much as you can as you’ll need money to pay off a debt soon (another legal bill for a defense lawyer, maybe? some more fines, perhaps?). Envying other people’s success won’t help you achieve your own goals (see, your bitter nature doesn’t escape me OR the stars….get over me already, dear! put it behind you!). If you do anything today, take one step towards a cherished dream (being self-sustaining and living on your own without being so terribly co-dependent, perhaps?). This could be writing the opening paragraph to a book (AHHHHH-hahaha!!), sending out a resume/CV (in order to, y’know, get a REAL job) or cutting out a picture of how you’d like to look (all that WEIGHT you’ve put on…tch,tch) or something you’d like to buy (your soul back) and putting it in a prominent place. It’s time you joined the winner’s club (since you’ve been an absolute loser for so fucking long now).

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