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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 14, 2002 || 10:50 pm

So, do you ever find yourself making friends with someone and you check yourself and go, “Whoa, hey, waitadamnedminute, this is just going far too fast.” Here you’ve just met this fastfriend last Tuesday and you are already sharing the stuff that you should share after, say, A YEAR OF FRIENDSHIP….

You know, just like that version of the careening-like-a-loaded-freight relationship you dived right into, but only it’s with a potential friend rather than a potential mate? Spooooooky, and not in a fun, sexy way.

Come to think of it, I believe that I have been far more discriminate in my life with my friendships than with my boyfriends. Because, hey,
boyfriends are like buses
but friends, really and truly real friends (not like acquaintences or pals or runaround buddies, but honest-to-Frank actual
) are NOT a dime a dozen. They’re not even twenty dollars per dozen! I know! Imagine that!

Perhaps, in the end, that’s why I chose to marry someone who held the title of ‘Friend’ for five years before we were anything more. I heartily suggest that you do the same, beautiful readers.

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