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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 1, 2002 || 12:31 am

The family is fed, the house straightened and all baths are administered by eight pee emm this evening, so I take off (blessedly) alone to grab a few household staples.

While I am pushing my buggy lazily through the aisles at Wal-Mart, a woman’s voice comes across the PA sytem and says, “Attention all associates, we have a Code Adam. We have a Code Adam. The little girl is wearing a denim jumper and pink shoes. She is 4, has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is named Elizabeth.”

I suck my bottom lip between my teeth. Something about the quality of this woman’s voice is not right. She sounds genuinely shaken up, which prompts me to not only swivel my head around and look in the near vicinity, but to actually leave my cart in one spot and quickly inspect the five or six nearest aisles.

As I round an endcap to head back for my buggy and explore further, I hear employees yellng back and forth to each other from various parts of the store.

“Do you have her?”
“Is that her?”
“Is she found?”

I begin to hurriedly look through round clothing racks in the children’s department just before the shaky announcer woman cancels the Code Adam with a mild flourish: “She has been foouuuund.”

I’ve been in stores when Code Adams have rung out in the past, and I never, ever recall one feeling surreal and panicky like that. Maybe it was because she and I shared a name and a basic physical description. Maybe it was because the store wasn’t at all busy, enabling someone to possibly bustle a child right on out of there. I dunno, but my lip is the slightest bit swollen and hurting like hell now.

I was biting it firmly the entire time and didn’t even realize it.

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