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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 6, 2002 || 11:42 am

Okay, I signed up for Blogger Insider and all I got was this lousy t-shirt my first COUPLING was with nerdboymikey. You can see my questions and his answers over at his place. Here are his questions and my answers; don’t forget, mikey loathes caps!

1. my standard question for women… what are you wearing right now?

My blue suede shoes. NOOO, really, it’s pretty cold out today so I am presently wearing a long, bulky sweater and thick, floppy socks. My regular readers may know that that’s it, but you won’t, so I’ll tell you: just those two (three, if you count the socks individually) things, and that’s it.

2. the Amazing Jett Girl, Jett Superior… how’d you get those

I was a really active child, always on the move, always ready to ‘take off’, so my parents would say things like, “There goes our little jet-girl again!” But it didn’t sound so Ward and June when they said it, I swear. My mom said she should have made my middle name “Go” rather than elizAbeth. The second ‘t’ on the name came from a friend of mine in high school whose own nick ended in two t’s. The ‘amazing’ came from a party stunt performed back in the early nineties. The ’superior’ is from my own over-inflated ego and from meeting up with my online partner in crime, Dirk Belligerent. I saw HIS name on ICQ one night and immediately fell in love with it. About the same time, I was starting my blog and needed a word to fill the ‘last name’ block. Kind of anti-climactic, really.

3. when i eat a kit kat bar, i always chew off the top wafer first,
then the chocolate on the sides of the remaining two wafers, then i
split those, and eat ‘em separately… do you have any specific,
strange eating habits like that

Has anyone ever suggested that you seek help for your food issues? The only two things that come to mind are
a) when I eat anything sweet it must be accompanied by a glass of skim milk and
b) whenever I eat pizza I have to have a small cup of marinara to dip the crusts in.

4. ok, so you say you’ve got big hoots… when you’re out and about,
do men more often talk to them or to your face

I can count the times on one hand that men (and to be honest, one woman) have just blatantly looked at my chest and spoken solely to it. More common is the ‘flick-to-breastesses’ maneuver, i.e. make eye contact while talking, flick eyes rapidly down to breasts and then up again, facetalking-flick-facetalking-flick-flick. This makes me laugh every time, the whole gross show of ’subtlety’.

5. what aspect of your personality is most child-like?

My sense of mirth. I laugh often (don’t confuse that with manically and at inappropriate times, snoogums) and it is really unencumbered laughter. Sometimes I find it hard to stop.

6. are you a moaner, screamer, or mostly quiet?

Depends on several variables, but mostly I am very vocal. I mean, it only makes sense. I write and I sing, so words and sounds are intrinsic to who I am. Why should it be any different when I am horizontal or *otherwise*?

7. did you automatically assume i was talking about sex?

Of course I did. My potty mouth came with a matching potty brain.

8. i was.

I know, fool, you’re of the male persuasion!

9. do people in general automatically assume that, since you live in
Hellabama, that you’re a hick

A good percentage do….but I take no offense, because ultimately I believe this makes them more hick-like than me by default. Besides, I am one of those fiercely proud-to-be-a-Southerner types. The South has its’ own great rhythm and a richness that’s like no other place I’ve ever been. I’ve come to know, also, that the simplest of folks have a wealth of common sense, and common sense does it for me every bit as much as heady intellect does.

10. do you prefer taking pictures or having your picture taken? or
dya always have a mirror handy, so you can do both?

I don’t mind having my photo taken, but I KNOW what I look like. I prefer to capture the world I see around me. Every person with a camera in hand has a different perspective on things. Pictures that you take can often be more telling than the ones you pose for.

11. what’s your secret weapon when it comes to getting out of trouble?

Depends on who I’m in trouble with. Blatant honesty has always done the trick for me. Barring that, sheer intimidation works really fucking well, you know?

12. do you remember the name of the first boy you kissed?

Yes. To my way of thinking, there is something lacking in a person who cannot remember the name of their first smooch-victim. His name was (ironically enough) Mikey. He kissed me, but I definitely kissed back.

13. last question, and i know you love music, so… ok, so you’re
anticipating a night of wild, dab nasty sex, and you want to burn a CD
of fuck music. ya got 15 songs, list ‘em

(In no particular order)
‘Dirty Boots’ ~ Sonic Youth
“The Scratch” ~ 7 Year Bitch
‘These Arms Of Mine’ ~ Otis Redding
‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’ ~ John Mayer
‘tbd’ ~ Live
‘In A Lonely Place’ ~ Bush
‘One Time Too Many’ ~ P.J. Harvey
“You Belong To Me” ~ Bob Dylan
“Come On In My Kitchen” ~ Robert Johnson
“Sweet Lover Hangover” ~ Love And Rockets
“To Love Somebody” ~ Nina Simone
“Supernova Goes Pop” ~ Powerman 5000
“I Wish…” ~ Drain STH
“You Knocked Me Out” ~ Linda Perry (featuring Grace Slick)
“Witness” ~ Sarah McLachlan

I hate having to narrow the music down; there would have been about fifteen more….

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