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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 7, 2002 || 5:20 pm

Because my phone line has been iced-over and sporadic this week, I am just now getting around to posting this. Which, coincidentally, compounds my fury. Angry and impotent. Funfunfun.

I prolly can’t add anything to the argument. This, this (<--I especially adore the fact that, like me, she uses the word fucktard as a noun AND an adjective) and this spoke it quite well, and very close to my own point of view.

Here’s the breakdown, if you don’t have the stomach to go and read it yourself:
Wil Wheaton, whom I have previously mentioned for his repulsive antics, has suggested to his readers that they might like to donate money toward a nice Valentine’s Day shagfest ‘for his wife’ (uh, pardon me, young Wheaton, won’t you be going out with her??) since he spends so much time away from her, working on his website ‘for his fans’.

Let me briefly touch on my own personal objections to this:
~ Could young Wheaton not use his celebrity for a better cause than garnering donations for a fancy night on the town? Blogathon, perhaps?
~ Why is he special because he’s broke? Do like the rest of us do, monkeyboy, and make a nice dinner at home if yer strapped for cash….
~ Wheaton gives nothing, and I mean nothing back to the blog community. Ever see him linking any ‘commoner’s’ blogs? Ever see him comment ON them? He auto-responds a gross percentage of his e-mails, fer Chrissakes!
~ This is NOT the same as putting an innocuous button somewhere on your site to defray costs. This is guilt for neglecting family in favor of site.
~ The same people who are clamoring to give their last five bucks are the ones who rarely (if at all) donate to a worthy and respectable cause. *pardon me while I vomit* I’d bank on that one.
~ Valentine’s Day is about YOU doing something special for YOUR beloved….NOT finding a way for others to foot the bill. Lemme tell you something…if *I* am the one paying, *I* better byGod be the one getting the fine piece of ass at the end of the evening.
~ The lovely Ms. Wheaton has previously asked her spouse not to involve her or her sons in any great degree with/on his site. She has also requested that he throttle back on the site some. Past activity on his site plainly shows that he has ignored both of these simple requests. If *he* doesn’t value his wife (and by virtually ignoring her requests he evidences this), then why the fuck should his readership??

My own lovely Maxim Superior, who normally doesn’t give two shits about the weblogging end of the internet, peeked in on wil’s site to get the skinny for himself after I sketched it all out. His pacifist tendencies flew out of the window and he sent Young Wheaton an e-mail. It said something along the lines of, “Hey, dickface, after you rake in the cash from the saps, why don’t you multiply it by three and send it on along to me. The money you are collecting for one fucking meal could probably feed my humble family of five for a fucking MONTH.”

Well said, Mr. Superior. I just knew you had it in ya.

50,000 monkeys at 50,000 typewriters can be wrong. They certainly are this time.

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