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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 11, 2002 || 11:25 pm

Existing as I have in a ‘world of boys’ makes the time between my daughter and myself all the more valuable and interesting. Tonight we gave one another pedicures. I was seated comfortably in the big wingback chair and she was perched, straight-backed, on the edge of the electric blue office chair stolen away from her computer desk. We were similarly-attired in tank top and shorts, one foot propped on the edge of one another’s seats, the other foot tucked under the crooked knee of the extended leg. A human bridge comes to mind. Scout and I both leaned forward, heads slightly bent to the task and tilted to the left, so that the extra hair from each of our side parts fell out and away from our faces.

To anyone else observing, it has to be odd…

Maxim says this is disconcerting sometimes, the moving tintype, the juxtaposition of the future Scout and the past Jett interacting. Sometimes I see the similarities, but oftentimes I don’t, because I believe that despite our obvious alikeness in mannerisms and physical apperance, she and I sport very different personalities.

Put simply, she is a better person than I could ever hope to be. For the record, I’m trying like hell not to screw that up.

As we were working amidst the heavy fumes of peppermint lotion and polish and polish remover, conversation flowed and ebbed in turns. We talked about what that snotty little turd Peyton (PEYTON…who the fuck names their kid that, anyway?) did to the new girl in school the other day and how Scout voiced her objections to everyone within earshot, to include the cafeteria workers and half the third-grade teaching staff. We talked about our desire for a big, open place where we could have any number of pets, to include horses and an Akita dog. We talked about how she wants to get her nursing degree and then even become a midwife so she can deliver (and I quote) ’sweet little new babies to excited mommies and daddies’. Betweentimes we fell into silences as comfortable as your favorite pillow after a grinding day.

At one point I felt her studying me, and after I finished gluing on a series of eensy rhinestones to her big toe, I glanced up from beneath my brows and asked, “What?”

“You have great bangs, mom,” she replied.

I thanked her while swinging the bangs from side-to-side around my chin and added, “You do, too….I guess we are just lucky, lucky girls!”

“Yeah, we are,” said Scout, “We have great bangs and pretty toes. We should be rrrrockstars.” She growled out the ‘r’ at the beginning of ‘rockstars’.

“Oh, Scouty, we ARE” With that, we both wrinkled our noses and flashed each other evil grins. You can’t script moments like that one, darlin’….

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