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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 18, 2002 || 3:57 am

Hey Jett Superior,

Pertaining to your “Can’t Believe Thirty-one’s Around The Fucking Corner” post, I feel that I should inform you that you have lived 11,281 days and have 20,255 days left to live. Lets make them count!

Thanks pal,
The Bastards At LongToLive.com

pee ess, my dear: Statistically you should die on Friday August 03, 2057 at 4:59:00 AM. This will be shortly after you arrive home from a long night of partying with the small segment of the geriatric set that is able to keep up with you:
chum, because he’s too stubborn not to
hoopty, because HE’s too silly not to
Bob, ‘cos that big ole bastard shore can drank
Rossi, because , well, just because, you know, he’s ROSSI…
Unx, because his future floppy-hipped ole lady can’t hang
The Dane, because Girls Just Want To Have Fun
but alas, not your hero Dirk Belligerent because you got tangled up in life and forgot to e-mail him and besides, he just hasn’t gotten over the great GPS Shaft Incident Of Early 2002.

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