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|| February 6, 2002 || 12:43 am || Comments (0) ||

Ahhhhh, fer tha luvva Pete!

|| February 5, 2002 || 11:53 pm || Comments (0) ||

So there are some tubtints hanging around the bathtub and Mathias and I got to playing around with the color spectrum.

We started with a red tablet, but it was rather diluted and seemed more pink than actual red.

So then we decided that a yellow tablet was in order, fancying a niiiice orange bath. It came out peach. Quite a lovely shade of peach to my way of thinking, but peach didn’t meet Mathias’ exacting three-year-old standards. We added another red. Uhhh, no.

We chucked in another yellow and had the MOST BEAUTIFUL shade of orange you could ever hope to see.

That’s when it all broke down. Ya see, I got greeeedy, my brothers and sisters, and chucked in a blue. Just one eensy blue. Which led to a bath that was not quite black, but a-l-m-o-s-t.

It was, in all truth, the color ’sable’. I liked it in a wicked, shameless sort of way.

|| February 5, 2002 || 11:33 pm || Comments (0) ||

I received today what I think may be my all-time favorite search referral from Google:

did romans eat tomatos

And I am number THREE, can you dig it?

|| February 5, 2002 || 11:20 pm || Comments (0) ||

JettSuperior: *beth no here*

Unxmaal: where’s bef?

JettSuperior: *she booted up and walked

Unxmaal: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Unxmaal: : cries :

JettSuperior: *I am her wild-eyed alter ego*

Unxmaal: @_@

Unxmaal: ok, pretend you’re beth, and go read my

JettSuperior: She told me if a guy named eric
comes by to offer to be his love slave for a

Unxmaal: hmmm

JettSuperior: So, you got a nickel?

Unxmaal: well, my name’s eric

Unxmaal: and i have a nickel

Unxmaal: coool!

JettSuperior: works for me!

|| February 5, 2002 || 11:15 pm || Comments (0) ||

It’s sleeting the big nasty out there and that makes me thankful that I am in here, listening to the crackle as the ice/snow/wind concoction hits the porch, the sidewalk, the streets.

Thank you God, that I don’t have to sleep out there tonight. Thank You that I have a roof and four walls to hold the heat in, and that the sound of the weather is a soothing backdrop rather than an unwelcome intruder coating my face and the back of my neck with its icy fury.

Thank You that right now all of my loved ones are accounted for and safe.

|| February 4, 2002 || 10:26 pm || Comments (0) ||

I Googlewhacked on my second try.


|| February 4, 2002 || 7:25 pm || Comments (0) ||

NO SHAME: (because there is no shame-free way to do it…)

Nominate me, Potsie…

For something, anything at all. I thought about using the word ‘fuck’ in every single post at least twice so that I could secure ‘Biggest Potty Mouth’, but I damn near do that anyhow, so maybe a little creative cursing is in order.

I don’t care anything about the prizes, I am just a glory-hungry Dirty BitchTM.

/shameless plea for recognition in some area of something