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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 4, 2002 || 12:33 am

Hiya, sporto…I’m back.

My brain is bobbing from side-to-side in my skull and I still have sea legs. It’s rather odd. I feel like I’m high. When will this go away? Does anyone know? I guess it’s the price I have to pay for not getting seasick. Or maybe it’s penance for haggling so determinedly with the thick-legged and skinny-necked ebony hucksters at the Straw Market. pfft.

I had no Pepsi products for 5 days. I kind of didn’t even notice. I learned the proper (and as it turns out, completely unnecessary) way to smuggle booze onto a ship. I bought cigarettes, duty- and tax-free, for a buck-eighty-five a pack. If there’s nothing else, there is that.

Back soon with pictures and impossibly verbose accounts of our lunatic-fringe adventures. I must hurry, I suppose, as GeoCities has suddenly decided to fuck me and about ten dozen hundred thousand (or something) others up the ass.

Don’t worry….I’ll either move this thing to somewhere else (assuming that the somewhere else can be stapled together in time) or it will die. Pretty cut-and-dry, I’d imagine. Good night and sweetest of dreams, pretty.

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