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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 16, 2002 || 11:44 pm

You know how nowadays when you phone a company to conduct some sort of business they put you on hold? And sometimes the hold has music lulling you further into Corporate-Loving Selloustville? And occasionally that music (a.k.a, ‘Songs In The Key Of Pawn Your Soul For Instant Gratification’) is interrupted to give you the tritely-delivered little segments known as ‘Helpful Information And Announcements’?

And how they slip this one into the rotation:

“Your call may be monitored or recorded for training purposes”


I ask all this because that little ‘monitored/recorded’ announcement always makes me wonder how many times I have been monitored/recorded.

But even more, it makes me wonder how many times I have been used for training purposes.

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  1. mikey 4.17.2002

    well, that’s all the more reason to raise a big stink… hell, if they’re gonna use you ‘for training purposes’, you may as well make it as comprehensive a lesson as possible, yanno?

  2. hello and welcome long awaited one


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