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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 21, 2002 || 5:27 pm

Today I stood at the edge of a sea of concrete and watched as a girl not much younger than me left a store.

She wore a plain white t-shirt, something akin to loose pajama bottoms and bright pink flip-flops. As she walked away, straight-cropped hair blowing, only one-quarter of her face was visible to me and I was struck by a thought.

The women of fifty years ago came to mind, with their immaculately-pressed shirtwaist dresses and their conservative single strand of pearls and carefully-coiffed-and-sprayed hairdos; those women who posessed powder-perfect noses and lips stained the color of dark berries and who always smelled of some flower extract: lavender or rose or gardenia swirled after them in an olfactory trail.

Those women would never have been seen in pajama bottoms and flip-flops….most assuredly not in public, anyway.

I think about the general apathy that weare awash in now, fifty years later, and I am mildly repulsed.

Total revulsion crawls me, however, at the thought of my own apathy being alive and well and having a healthy root-base that snakes through so many areas of my life.

Time for a change or two. Or ten.

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  1. the olive 4.25.2002

    any changes yet?


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