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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 21, 2002 || 8:56 pm

Heard the acoustic version of “Days Go By” (y’know, the Dirty Vegas track from the Mitsubishi commercial) today. It’s called “Without You” and it gave me chills. I don’t much listen to the X anymore, because (let’s face it) they fucking suck now that my pal Suzy has moved on and ’saucy’ Dave Rossi (whose voice I hear in my daydreams) decided he’d had enough of Citadel’s muckety-mucking with a good, solid formula that was wildly successful.

Friendly aside: Somebody knee Tuttle & Kline in the nuts and put Birmingham out of its’ morning drive-time misery, okay??? And DOC, for jeez pete, NO MORE DOCCCC! /friendly aside

I heard the tune on Reg’s Coffee House, the Sunday ay emm program produced and hosted by Scott Register. He’s the kind of radio guy I like wholeheartedly….not afraid to dig the bins for new stuff and then throw what he finds out there for public consumption. He’s great at mapping out projections for future singer-songwriter successes. He’ll play a little ‘nothing’ record from a ‘nobody’ and two years later those people are all over the place. He’s the Matt Pinfield of the Birmingham airwaves. If WRAX manages to run him off, as well, I’d never have cause to listen to their shitty station again.

By the way, I am #2 when you google ‘Reg’s Coffee House’. Right onnnnn.

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