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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 24, 2002 || 9:23 pm

Oh, sweet merciful heavens! For those of you that are into that sort of thing, I have found the BEST PROTEIN BAR EVER (ahem….note that they prolly let one of their muscleheads do their site….the header shouts to try the four new flavors, while six are actually listed *snort*).

Granted, most protein bars taste like bricks of compressed dirt. This one, my cheeky little monkeys, well….this one is really and truly different. Made by Biochemtm Sports & Fitness Systems, it boasts a big ole 21 grams of protein and and an eensy-weensy 3 grams of carbs (230 calories and 6 grams of fat for those of you that count those things….).

I have never tasted anything so heavenly in something that is good for you. I bought a freaking case of the French Vanilla Bean flavor, and as soon as I find out where I can sample the rest I will run right out and do so; the store where I stumbled across this flavor only stocked it and no others.

And for those of you presently spiralling into a panic: NO, I am NOT becoming a corporate whore and NO, this whole endorsement thing will NOT become a regular happenstance around these parts. I am really jazzed. Only two other things have ever had me hooked at first try (sexandheroinsexandheroinsexandheroinsexandheroinsexandheroin); these bars are the stuff.

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  1. chewy 4.25.2002

    how would you deal with sex, heroin AND a protein bar? i’m just thinking outside the box, here.

  2. trouble 4.25.2002

    it just may be that in some areas its not even safe to stock up on four delicious flavors

  3. G. Oldielocks 4.25.2002

    I’m wondering where you managed to get a sample of this bar? I clicked on their Store Locater page, and it is “under Construction.”


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