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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 24, 2002 || 9:50 pm

Foreplay in the Superior household:

MAXIM: OOOH! HEYYYY! I have an idea….
JETT: (genuinely interested) Yeah?
MAXIM: Let’s number certain ’spots’ one to three and then you can pick a number out of a hat and that’s where I get to place Mister Stifford!
JETT: (nearly vomits from laughing so hard)
MAXIM: (purses lips and nods for a good, long while)
MAXIM: (after laughter abates) This is going in your weblog, isn’t it??

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  1. Unxmaal 4.28.2002

    Well the sad thing is the spots are as follows: 1. the toaster. 2. mongolia. 3. a small tsetse fly.

    I’m really worried about how Mr. Stifford’s gonna react to the tsetse fly.


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