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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 18, 2002 || 12:18 am

I am currently burning a candle whose best description is ‘a three-cornered mostrosity with river-rocks embedded in the base’.

Now that I’m sitting here pondering it, though, I may blow the thing out and get rid of it. It feels sort of witchy or something, burning an ivory, triangular candle with chunks of nature cast in the wax while I wait for inspiration to strike.

Oh well, it makes sense to me. That’s all that matters.

Every time I see a trailer/advertisement/whatever for that bile churner of a flick known in loose language as The Scooby Doo Movie, I want to put a flaming pencil in my eye. The left one. Because it’s the one I’m legally blind in without correction.

Give me another week of my beloved Matthew Lillard copping a feel on a Casey Kasem imitation and I’ll be gunning for the right eye, too.

Beer and sausages, anyone??

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  1. the olive 5.20.2002

    they’ve ruined Scooby for kids everywhere


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