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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 19, 2002 || 4:58 pm


I found Clayton’s website today. Not like it was lost or anything, but *I* went there for the first time today.

I like Clayton’s entries, but his photo freaks me out a little bit. He looks exactly like Terry, a boyfriend of mine from high school. Terry’s middle name was Marlin, and I see from Clayton’s most recent entry that he digs fish. Spooky beyond belief, huh??

Anyway, maybe I told you about Terry? Maybe I didn’t? Please jog my memory for me. He was the one that drove the champagne-colored, absolutely cherry sixty-five-and-a-half mustang with the original pony interior. I was the one that kicked the passenger side door in one afternoon with my boots.

Okay, I’ll be honest….I was wearing heels that afternoon. It was a messy breakup nonetheless. Word of advice to you females out there: never give a male virgin his first piece. He won’t leave. you. alone. Thus the dent in Terry’s door on that fateful afternoon.

Funny thing is, Terry and my ma ended up at the same bank after his college graduation. They worked on neighboring floors and had coffee together all the time. Terry always loved my mom, and my mom always said I was too hard on the men in my life. No telling what kind of shit they said behind my back, har-har (or not…).

Terry married a sorority girl and built her a big house in a nice suburb on the outskirts of Memphis. He plunders and pillages with extreme financial success for a big corporation.

He still drives that ‘Stang, though. And ever since my mom took ill (thereby being forced out of her profession), he’s made it a habit of picking her up regularly to take her out for lunch.

He still has that dent in the door. Mom asked him one time why he hasn’t had it fixed, to which he replied, “It symbolizes the marriage of two great loves in my life: your daughter and this car. If it was up to me, I’d still have both.”

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  1. clayton 5.20.2002

    you know… it’s been said that we all look just like someone, somewhere. Just imagine how releaved I am now that my search is over… I might sleep tonight. ;-)

    Thanks for the kind words… don’t be a stranger. Do ya mind if I link ya? (I always try to ask first)


  2. Jett Superior 5.20.2002

    Link awaaaaaaay, shmoopy!


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