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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 22, 2002 || 9:30 am

Funny to me is the fact that the educational bureaucracy has need of 17 pages of (their version of) carefully-worded, single spaced documentation and twenty minutes to review said documentation to represent a two-lettered, monosyllabic word:


The primary reasoning for declining my son an ‘enhanced’ or ‘alternative’ curriculum seems to be that he is not presently suffering academically. His grades are A’s, his intellectual scores are remarkably high.

“Of course,” I was told this morning by one of the nine people present, “if this changes, we will consider re-evaluating his case.”

Layman’s terms, baby: ‘We don’t try and prevent the anticipated hiccups in education that will most likely affect your child in the next two-to-five-year span, we will react to them. If he stumbles and falls into a crack, we will explore options then. If he just so happens to slip through that crack in the time that it takes for us to type, proof, xerox, get the requisite twenty-eight signatures, xerox some more, fax away for records that we already have, xerox yet again, collate and staple all the forms we need to get together, then, errrr, ahhh….’

And the copies of those seventeen pages they collated and handed me for this go-round are Pepto-Bismol pink. How appropriate, because I have all this bile that’s agitating in my depths right this very minute! Oooooh, the cleverosity!

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  1. the olive 5.23.2002

    was his doctor able to help?


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