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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 1, 2002 || 11:11 pm


You know that entry about how there is all this Cosmos Fuckingtm going on and it’s all aimed at me? Yeah, this is that entry.

Ohhhhh, MotherMaryandSimonPeterIamholyfuckingtired, can’tagirlgeddabreaK?

Once Around….you ever see that movie? I think I really like that movie. I’ve got it on tape somewheres and I should go watch it.

There are these candles that I really, reALLY like. They’re made by Lamplight Farms and stink in the most delicious manner. Not even exaggerating when I say the fragrance damned near throws me into some kind of orgiastic splendor. It’s called ‘pinkberry sorbet’ and when I started buying them, they came in thin frosted 8-ounce cups. Very nondescript, you could throw them in with any ole decor and they would unassumingly blend while putting out an aroma that was delightful to friends and onlookers.

Of course, when I started buying these waxen marvels of science (the fact that they were pink notwithstanding) I could shimmy right on up the road and into Wally Woild and purchase one for a mere five bucks or so. Of course, once I caught a toehold in the consumer end of their marketing, said aforementioned betwixt and between here we go round the mulberry bush Wally Woild decided to no longer carry these particular Lamplight Farms products. Go figger.

I was happy, some six months later, to find them again at Michaels. They were something like three bucks more costly, but I was okay with that. And I had to buy them in bulk, because the nearest Michaels was fiftiesh miles away. I was okay with that, too….

So when I found them I bought five or six or something and one part of the universe was right and good. Or so it seemed. I went to Michaels last weekend and hunted fer m’ candles. I found them. I found them alright, and I was sufficiently horrified, because they looked like this. (eek. ack.) That’s right, my beauties, they come in your choice of frosted glass container (I like) emblazoned with The Serenity Prayer or some shit about ‘love, faith, hope, charity’ (I cringe–and before you get all freaked out. thinking I’m a heretic or some shit, e-mail me to ask me why I cringe) in bigass loopy, curlicue letters (I cry).

I looped the three candle aisles FOUR TIMES, searching for the plain frosted glass container. No such luck, and this particular fragrance doesn’t come sans tasse en verre. I noticed, a little begrudingly, that they were a couple dollars higher. They were two ounces bigger though, so I didn’t get too awful surly. I grabbed up a couple of the embellished monstrosities, thinking I could whip up a nice, nondescript batch of paper and cover the holders for better or not hardly worse.

I never got around to covering them, because I couldn’t hold off of burning them almost as soon as my feet crossed the door jamb.

I put the ‘love, hope, yaddity-fucking-yada’ one on my nightstand. The ‘Serenity Prayer’ jobbie went on my desk, where I burn a half-dozen different candles each night in effigy to BellSouth and their dial-up service. It sits there to my immediate left right now, as a matter of fact, burning right away as all good candles should.

The prayer is divided up into thirds, with each verse occupying one-third of the glass. I noticed something about that a few moments ago, which sparked this ungodly-and-too-lengthy monstrosity of a post. Of these three verses,

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
courage to change the things I can
and wisdom to know the difference

two are more than partially facing me, while one of them is turned fully away.

‘Courage’ is the one that is completely to the other side. I am presented with ‘wisdom’ and ’serenity’. Ironically fitting. I have enough courage to fill a volcano. Serenity and wisdom are the two that I need to work on a bit. Spotting that just now gave me that little epiphany. Courage in spades, serenity and wisdom need work. Check.

My son has Tourette Syndrome. I don’t think many of you know that. The last couple of days has been hell.

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  1. magha 10.3.2005

    can intuition really do all this?


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