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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 6, 2002 || 12:24 am

Under the heading of Blogger Insider (subtitled, ‘Round Three for me!’):My apolly-loggies to me pahtnah Kat, who has sparked my interest in so many ways that I shan’t begin to name them (in the interest of time, darlings….you know…)

1. How has your writing voice changed since you were in high school?
A bit more far-reaching, a bit more cluttered and infused with more autobiographical elements (even the fiction).

2. What is it about Mountain Dew? I can’t stand the stuff.
Not everyone can be part of the elite, my dear. Be not ashamed of your lack of sugar-and-caffeine-induced vision. Put simply, Mountain Dew is liquid crack for generation X and most junkies, both professional ongoing and barely non-practicing.

3. Favorite toy?
I have this big stuffed stegosaurus with a red body and blue spiny back and his name is Stanley. He weighs like 25 pounds. He’s not my favorite, though. My favorite toy is mankind. I like my CD player, too. Language is fun, as well.

4. What would you change about your past, if you could?
Nothing, really. Sounds corny as all fuck, I know, but it’s true. I’m one of those saps who believes that things cumulatively happen for a reason. Everything that has happened thus far has brought me to the place I am now, made me the person I am now.

I like that person okay, so what’s to change? Okay, I’d not have become a nail-biter.

5. Favorite guilty pleasure?
Staying in my jammies all day, ALONE, reading a book.

6. Who do you admire?
I admire Maxim. He’s such a cool person (hokey as it sounds). he’s just a great guy to be around. Bonus for me that I get to sleep with him, you know?

7. What’s your favorite conversation-ender for people who don’t seem to
figure out that you don’t want to talk to them?

I have to go. My toenails are on fire.

8. What’s on your lifetime to-do list?
~Take an in-depth class (or a series of them) about the world’s religions.
~Raise productive, responsible children who contribute to society in a bettering, positive manner (sounds like a resume entry, don’t it??).
~Shake my death wish and learn not to fear being old (for some reason, Wilford Brimley is not helping this objective).
~Learn to kick-box. What a scary, bad-assed bitch I’d be in the ring!
~Own horses once more, and a broad expanse of land to stable them on/escape the world to.
~Spend a chunk of time travelling once again.

That’s not all, it’s just all that immediately comes to mind.

9. What are your most feminine traits? Aside from your well-
documentedly spectacular breasts. :-)

Hmmm. Honestly, I don’t think my boobs define my femininity any more than they are a measure of my intellect (or lack thereof).

~I cry like a big titty baby at movies.
~My love of children and caring for them.
~My love of romance in unexpected places, at unexpected times.
~The gentle expressiveness I sometimes have with my hands and face. (did that last one make sense to anyone but me??)

10. Have you always wanted children? What are you most unexpectedly
grateful for about having them?

Yes, I have always wanted children. I am unexpectedly grateful that I am exposed to the world from another person’s yet-to-be-fully-shaped outlook. It’s very intimate, the way you experience the goings-on about you via the way your child relates to it and in turn relates it back to you. Sometimes it’s also very telling, because your children will never love you anywhere close to the magnitude that you love them, and tend to be a lot less careful with thins like niceties and tact when laying it all down on you.

11. What’s the highest compliment you give?
There are roughly three:
“I’m glad God made you.”
“You are a credit to the planet.”
“You make me smile.”

12. And the best one you’ve received?
From male companions, be they friends or something more: “You’re cool.” In guy-speak, that’s the pinnacle. Especially if they’ve already slept with you.

13. Worst job you ever had? Best?
Two-parter, two-parter!! I call foul!!!

Worst: washing walls at the county jail. That’s what you did all day: washed walls. If you weren’t eating or sleeping (which was impossible, as loudly as that girl in the next cot ground her fucking teeth, all six of ‘em…) or pissing, you were washing (already-clean) walls in the 10-by-24-foot common area with about fifteen other females. Every day. For about 13 hours. For fuck’s sake. Five words on that: Attempt to rehabilitate, you fucks!!!

Best: Account executive with a very prestigious, but to an insane degree not stodgy, advertising firm. Yea, verily, good times were had. No more Sheep Dip Scotch for me, though.

14. A rough estimate is fine: how many books and how many pairs of

Books line the entire wall on one side of the family room. I’ve never really counted. Some float in as gifts, some get loaned out, some lie in nooks and crannies, on mantelpieces and nightstands. More than two and less than a thousand?

Shoes number around fifty pair, if you count boots.

15. How about the title of your life story?

A guide to survival and perhaps betterment

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  1. Unxmaal 5.7.2002

    From section 8 [ha! section 8! get it?], “Spend a chunk of time travelling once again.”

    How’d you learn to time travel, anyway?

  2. mikey 5.8.2002

    don’t lie, we all know your favorite toy is that one that uses batteries….


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