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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 16, 2002 || 5:17 pm

Maxim shaved his pate shiny-clean a couple of days ago.

I can’t seem to stop myself from smacking him on the back of the head and saying, “Like a monkey shot into SPACE!”

It goes like this:

“Like a monkey” *smack* “shot into SPACE!”

I think he’s grown tired of this little ritual. Alas, I cannot seem to sidestep this most heinous of compulsions.

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  1. chewy 5.16.2002

    he should be happy that you’re not pouring lye onto the back of his hand instead.

  2. Jett Superior 5.16.2002

    who says I haven’t, wise guy??

  3. chewy 5.17.2002

    hey, whatever rocks your horse. and no, i’m not talking about “horse”.

  4. Johnny T 5.17.2002

    I don’t get the monkey thing???

  5. Dee 5.17.2002

    I keep telling people that they’re just “too fucking blond” and they never seem to understand.

  6. chewy 5.19.2002

    jt, how can you not get the monkey thing? jett, you wanna sk00l him, or shall i?


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