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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 3, 2002 || 3:28 pm

Dear Spamming Fucktards,

Kindly do not send me e-mails that say, “If you love Jesus and are not ashamed of that, you will forward this lame e-mail on to other hapless victims who just so happen at the moment you decide to do so to have the misfortune of calling you friend or relative.”

It serves no purpose save to inflame me and to motivate me to remind you that Christians aren’t supposed to be bullies or manipulative, mailbox-clogging freaks.

Thanks for your (obviously copious amounts of) time,

pee ess….minor clarification for you far-too-literal folks: don’t send me anything similarly-worded, either.

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  1. mikey 6.4.2002

    apparently, you don’t love Jesus. you goin ta hell!

    see ya there…


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