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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 20, 2002 || 2:44 am

One major point is being overlooked here, I believe.

The first Blogathon participants racked up over 20K in sponsor dollars.

Crap, schmap. That ‘crap’ lined some pockets that needed it in a big way. And since the current climate smells to me like people are ‘all gave out’ where charities are concerned (this greatly affects those charities not recognized as ‘mainstream’), I for one feel that even more ‘crap’ is called for.

The long and the short of it being: “PEOPLE! Get those trucks backed on in here to the manure pile! We gotta ton of steaming shit to deliver to Cyberia….about forty-thousand dollars’ worth!!”

And yarf: I, like you, do what I see as my part year-round. Some people need a bit of a reminder. The Blogathon is a silly (albeit proliferate) nudge. Yeah, for the record, staying up stimulant-free and coming up with original content is NOT as easy as you would palm it off as being. But there were some worthy contenders in last year’s ‘thon.

Yes, fair readers, I am participating in Blogathon part deux. My sponsored charity has changed. While I still support Second Harvest and the work they do to combat hunger (which is something I have known in my life first-hand), I have decided to blog for the Tourette Syndrome Association.

I am doing this for several reasons, which include, but are not limited to:
–More than one ‘thonner chose Second Harvest last year. Gooood. This frees me up for something else.
–The more diverse the charities, the more people learn about various organizations and what they work toward/on behalf of.
–Hunger is a largely ‘common-knowledge’ issue. Tourette Syndrome, unfortunately for those who have it, is not.
–Touretters are in turns misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and misrepresented on a fairly large scale.
–In case you weren’t aware, I have a son with TS. He is a terrific, well-rounded kid. This disorder doesn’t define him, but it does shape his life in fairly prominent ways.
–The TSA provides information and resources about TS for parents, educators, those that have the disorder and its comorbid counterparts, and medical professionals, among others. Because TS varies so much from individual to individual (with very few hard-and-fast rules), it is a difficult thing to pin down and it defies a pat definition. Information most assuredly needs to be disseminated so that those with TS aren’t stigmatized and ostracized.
–The TSA is, like many other charitable undertakings, woefully underfunded. Especially if you think of it in terms of how many people are presently diagnosed as having TS.

SO, once again I thank those that pledged and donated last year. AND, I once again stick my hand out shamelessly and ask you to sponsor me in this year’s Blogathon (you can keep up with my ongoing totals here). Last year, including the stragglers and the people that declined to ‘register’ as sponsors (they sent funds later on, after they saw that I made it), Second Harvest gleaned over four hundred dollars because I was able to participate. This year, I’d like to have double that amount in pledges going into the ‘thon. Go rob your ma’s purse, then come pledge all those shiny nickels to ‘The Cause’: ‘Cause The TSA Needs Dough-Re-Mi.

This year you can sponsor me with a flat donation, or you can sorta gamble with the number-of-hours-completed pledge. I recall that I went above and beyond last year…I stretched it to 27 or 28 hours. I didn’t post an entry about all the cool shit that began happening (read: hallucinations) at that point. I don’t even remember how I made it from the monitor to the bath and from the hour-and-a-half bath (fell asleep in it, Daddy-O, and damned near drowndededed. ed.ed.)

Oddly enough, today after I spoke with my contact at The TSA (Mark Levine, for those of you that are taking extensive notes), got the ole thumbs up, then went to the Blogathon site and registered, I got a call. The party calling just so happened to want my son to take part in a controlled study involving kids with TS. Study would include free visits at regular intervals with my son’s specialist, Dr. Prominent Neurologist. If you have ever personally been fucked by the outrageous costs of healthcare, you will know that being supplied with free visits to Dr. Prominent Neurologist (and lest I forget, really one hell of a pretty good fella) is the equivalent to stumbling across a medical goldmine with your flag boldly displayed as the owner across the mouth of it.

Surely some Cosmos Fuckingtm is afoot. I know that I generally tell you otherwise, but not all Cosmos Fuckingtm is heinous and icky.

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  1. Kevin 6.20.2002

    I’m signed up for the Blogathon 2002. I am excited to do it this year, since I couldn’t do it last year with school.

    I’m weblogging for the Alzheimer’s Association, which my family has dealt with before and is a worthy cause. I just signed up, so currently I only have one sponsor, but I would like to get many, many more than three sponsors going.

    As for me sponsoring- I’m looking for people to sponsor. There really is too many to choose from.

    And of course, I will need someone to entertain me online while I do this. I need some fuel to keep me awake (other than Red Bull, of course). Contact me if you want to chat.


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