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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 29, 2002 || 11:18 am

OKAY, I have a question.

If I start responding to comments on a regular basis, will you people start leaving them again? I’ve been a baaaad, baaaaad hostess and I am sorry.

No really, I am. (Seth…stop laughing!)

Last night when Seth and I were IMing, I typed *humbled* as one of my responses and he went off into peals of digital laughter. I was sincere, and explained to him that when you are unaccustomed to doing something, it is awkward and clumsy. He deemed it as ‘cute’ (blllleccccchhhh) and laughed some more.

Okay, but now….*humbled*. Leave me comments. I have one working computer, and hope to have the better, mo’ faster one semi-stable (fuckya, Bill Gates) and fully operational soon. So speak, multitudes! I am listening and shall respond in kind!

PEE ESS….Thanks to Seth, the archives are now intact and working. You may go there and do that. Thanks, Sethy!

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  1. G. Oldielocks 6.29.2002

    I’m not a frequent commentor, although indeed, I would be, had I anything worth saying (outloud, or in type), but I do so enjoy reading what you write.

  2. Jett 6.30.2002

    G. Oldielocks, I am going to lose what is left of my mind trying to figure out who you might be.

    *bangs head against the wall*

  3. Baby Bear III 6.30.2002

    I have been lookking everywhere for this G. Oldielocks, eat my mutherfucking porridge and sleep in my bed will ya’, I’ll like slap you into next week like so much salmon, you son-of-a-….

  4. G. Oldielocks 6.30.2002

    Jett, I’m no one you know….I’m a relative of one of the other bloggers on this deca blog, and I discovered you through a link on his blog.

    And, BabyBear, Yipes! How hostile! I certainly hope you don’t find me!

  5. The Dane 7.1.2002

    I’ll leave comments. And I’ll smile and grin at your attempts at self-debasement. They’re cute. *pats jett on the head* It’ll be alright dearie.

  6. the olive 7.2.2002

    I’m glad to see you are writing lots again!

  7. Jett 7.3.2002

    *presses cheek to shoulder*

    *rubs toe in the dirt*

    *smiles shyly*


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