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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 30, 2002 || 2:33 am

I read an article in the paper about Jerry Falwell’s enthusiastic vision for adding on to this the other day and it scared the holy (pun probably intended on some deep psycological plane) shit out of me.

While you people blog and fret over stuff like the semantics of the Pledge-a-leegents (how I used to say it as a toddler, my ma says…) and school vouchers, Falwell’s expansion of his retirement community to a full-blown complete (“I-would-not-refer-to-it-as-a-”) compound leaves me wanting to soil my pantaloons.

That, and stuff like this.

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  1. The Dane 7.1.2002

    Okay, the first bit didn’t scare me so much as I don’t think Jerry Falwell’s a real person. I think The Onion made him up and people are just worried over a phantom.

    The second thing was kinda freaky insofar as that these crackerbarrel’s have 10,000 converts (let alone the 300,000 that they claim).

    And you know the only reason why I write about stuff like the Pledge is because I like having readers and sparking the interest of the mindless masses :-D

  2. Jett 7.1.2002

    Danester….not just *you*, everybody is all up-in-arms over the pledge issue and I think it’s largely premature and largely media-driven.

    I just get sick of people wasting so much of their energies on things that ultimately just don’t matter to a great degree. Do I have an opinion on the issue? Of course I do, but I’m not all ‘het up’ as of yet.

    The China cult scares me because they are not just preying upon the masses, but seem to have targeted professed Christians.

    I dunno, the world is just a big, scary place anymore. Not that that stops me from conducting ‘bidness as yoozhul’, but it’s funny how when I was 18, I viewed it as a big, fun place.

  3. The Dane 7.1.2002

    “things that ultimately just don’t matter to a great degree”

    Ouch. You just indicted my website! *grin*


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