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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 30, 2002 || 3:41 am

Remarkably drunk, suitably sleepy. On nights like this I have vivid dreams where things like magical sporks and my grandmother hand-painting hair ribbons (along with matching corsets for me to wear) happen. Then it all gets crazy and I’m drowning in a dream that I know is a dream but it makes me cry out anyway from the sheer force and audacious dark meanderings of it.

Good night, and I hope that you are presently dreaming of kind things and lollipops and tender kisses from newly-found lovers.

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  1. clayton 6.30.2002

    no such luck

  2. Jett 6.30.2002

    striken with the malady as well?

  3. Gena 6.30.2002

    You are…kewl.

  4. clayton 6.30.2002

    why… thank you!


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