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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 30, 2002 || 3:04 pm

Given my current congested status, my foray into alkeehaul last night was a tad premature. Today I am croupy, slightly maudlin, and (what seems to be) irreversibly dehydrated. Sallow, hollow and whatever other -ow words you can think up.

Observation: I don’t understand drunkards who have a tendency toward anger or melancholy. I myself have always been quite the happy little intoxicated person. I am remarkably easy-going, smiling and quiet when drunk. Please do not confuse this with the sappy, hang-all-over-you drunk. That is not me, oh no-no-noooooo. I am Laid-Back Drunk Number One With A Bullet. And I always play a better hand of cards then. /Observation

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  1. The Dane 7.1.2002

    Fallow? Krakow? Pillow? Jell-ow?

  2. Matt Rossi 7.1.2002

    Unfortunately, I tend to be the kill, destroy, maim, fuck everything, I shall rain oceans of blood upon you drunks. It’s really rather a good thing I stopped.

  3. Jett 7.1.2002

    Funny, Rossi, I am that way when NOTdrinking. Hmmmm.

    The has to be some sort of science in it somewhere.


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