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|| June 30, 2002 || 2:33 am || Comments (3) ||

I read an article in the paper about Jerry Falwell’s enthusiastic vision for adding on to this the other day and it scared the holy (pun probably intended on some deep psycological plane) shit out of me.

While you people blog and fret over stuff like the semantics of the Pledge-a-leegents (how I used to say it as a toddler, my ma says…) and school vouchers, Falwell’s expansion of his retirement community to a full-blown complete (“I-would-not-refer-to-it-as-a-”) compound leaves me wanting to soil my pantaloons.

That, and stuff like this.

|| June 30, 2002 || 1:40 am || Comments (1) ||

“Hello. My name is Russ.

“I have a nasty addiction to breathing. It’s so bad I have to do it every couple of seconds. I’ve tried to quit, but the longest I’ve been able to hold out is two or three minutes; and sometimes it’s so bad I pass out if I don’t get my fix.”

// comment extracted from the Samurai Barber’s site

Those people are craaaaaazy over there!

|| June 30, 2002 || 1:23 am || Comments (0) ||

The fireplace in our living room is closed up, so I’ve mounted a mirror framed in ornate gold across the opening. It may not sound very attractive, but it actually is. Floating slightly above the mantel is another mirror framed with the the same moulding.

When I walk past it, the effect is that I see my legs mid-calf down and I see an upper segment from mid-chest up.

It’s very disconcerting. It’s like, “Where in the motherfuck is….the…..middle??

|| June 29, 2002 || 11:18 am || Comments (7) ||

OKAY, I have a question.

If I start responding to comments on a regular basis, will you people start leaving them again? I’ve been a baaaad, baaaaad hostess and I am sorry.

No really, I am. (Seth…stop laughing!)

Last night when Seth and I were IMing, I typed *humbled* as one of my responses and he went off into peals of digital laughter. I was sincere, and explained to him that when you are unaccustomed to doing something, it is awkward and clumsy. He deemed it as ‘cute’ (blllleccccchhhh) and laughed some more.

Okay, but now….*humbled*. Leave me comments. I have one working computer, and hope to have the better, mo’ faster one semi-stable (fuckya, Bill Gates) and fully operational soon. So speak, multitudes! I am listening and shall respond in kind!

PEE ESS….Thanks to Seth, the archives are now intact and working. You may go there and do that. Thanks, Sethy!

|| June 28, 2002 || 12:51 pm || Comments (0) ||

Miles From Our Home” by the Cowboy Junkies is a damned fine, fiiiiine album. Every time I listen to it I fall completely and unassailably in love –HARD– with it all over again. It makes me feel boundless and free and capable of any ole fucking thing that’s laid out before me.

It also makes me love the world and most everyone in it. That little trick in and of itself is quite the mighty feat.

Do yourself the favor of adding it to your collection. Listen to it and NOT be addicted, I DARE you…..it gets richer with each listen.

NOTE: This waxing rhapsodical occurred while “Those Final Feet” rose and swelled around me.

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|| June 28, 2002 || 2:26 am || Comments (0) ||

Oooooh, girl, I was just made aware that I was Jon Sullivan’s ‘Link of the Day’ on 6 June of this very year!

I feel as if I have been initiated into some super-secret mondo-gonzo elitist bastard Cyberian club or something. And you know I just LOVE that.

*pats down fluffy ego and sighs contentedly*

And BY THE BY, that fucker Clayton wised up and put my link back up. Because he knows where all the hepcats are (and he’s really, really afraid that I can BEAT…HIM…UP).