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|| June 20, 2002 || 2:06 am || Comments (0) ||

a1gent: have you seen a disabled persons face light up?

a1gent: it’s amazing

a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r: Like when you shine a flashlight at them?

Man, I laughed like a fucking LUNATIC. Beware the sadistic ‘chat-bait’….

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This was a worthy read. Link ripped from Unx.

|| June 20, 2002 || 1:31 am || Comments (0) ||

Congratulations to Nelly and July. Happy Hooneymoon, kids. Don’t drink the water. Ask the Brits if they’ve seen Elvis lately. Make America proud!!

|| June 20, 2002 || 12:56 am || Comments (3) ||

Lest you forget, I am numero uno in the search for spectacular breastessessss.

|| June 20, 2002 || 12:47 am || Comments (0) ||

All around me are familiar faces / Worn out places – worn out faces / Bright and early for their daily races / Going nowhere – going nowhere / And their tears are filling up their glasses / No expression – no expression / Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow / No tommorow – no tommorow

And I find it kind of funny / I find it kind of sad / The dreams in which I’m dying / Are the best I’ve ever had / I find it hard to tell you / ‘Cos I find it hard to take / When people run in circles / It’s a very, very Mad World

Children waiting for the day they feel good / Happy Birthday – Happy Birthday / Made to feel the way that every child should / Sit and listen – sit and listen / Went to school and I was very nervous / No one knew me – no one knew me / Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson / Look right through me – look right through me

// Tears for Fears, “Mad World”

|| June 20, 2002 || 12:00 am || Comments (0) ||

And this:


V: “I believe A.”

W: “I believe B.”

X: “I also believe A.”

Y: “I believe C.”

Z: “I believe A is better than C.”


V: “I believe A.”

W: “I believe B.”

X: “I also believe A.”

W: “What are you, some kind of idiot? B, dude.”

Y: “I believe C.”

W: “Well, I still believe B!

Z: “I believe A is better than C.”

W: “A?! C?! Why are you even talking about C and A?! Didn’t you hear me say I believe B? Jesus, people!

|| June 19, 2002 || 11:21 pm || Comments (0) ||

I personally feel I’m living proof that growing up online is a great personal growth aid. The freedom of expression and the fact that no one knows you’re a dog helped develop a much more outgoing aspect of myself.

And just how the fuck could you not LOVE that shit??