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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 1, 2002 || 2:15 pm

Here’s me to say something and this is the something that I came here to say:

I am constantly amazed at all the people who fall under the headings of (put your somber faces on here, folks) ‘Atheist’ and ‘Agnostic’ who cry foul, who yell out that they have been persecuted by them damn flaming Christian bastards and they are just plain SICKAVIT….sick…of….it. I roll my eyes at these people, because it seems that –especially here lately in light of all this Pledge-a-leegents nonsense– that in fact they are doing all the rhetoric-spewing and bashing.

Hypocrisy burns my ass worse than it being dipped in kerosene and lit on fire (and, with my checkered past, do you doubt even for a second that may not have possibly happened to me??) Let me pose a question or two:

1) If you have a problem with someone attempting to strong-arm you out of your system of beliefs and into theirs, why would you do the same thing?
2) If you likewise have a problem with someone laughing at or mocking your beliefs and calling you a simpleton for holding them, why would you take part the same sort of behavior with regard to those who don’t hold your beliefs?


I have very strong views on two very controversial topics of conversation: religion and politics. I rarely discuss either of these two, because there are so few people strolling the planet that can partake of a healthy, non-insulting/threatening exchange of ideas. I subscribe to two major rules where both religion and politics are concerned:

1) I will hear yours with a respectful, open mind if you will allow me the same courtesy.
2) I won’t tell you yours is wrong; you don’t tell me mine is.

How fucking hard could that be, people? How hard??

This topic has been burning in my brain the past couple of days because in my ‘regular rounds’ of sites that I enjoy very much I am finding much abuse by those who seem to regard themselves ‘enlightened’ and ‘intellectual’ people, and it is directed at Christians. On these sites, in these comment areas, I have been called ‘a fool’, ’simple-minded’, ‘fascist’, ‘deluded by fantasy’, etc., etc., and I have held my tongue. Not because I am hesitant to speak my mind (*guffaw* you people know better than that!!), but because the insults meted out weren’t directed at me, per se.

But they are. They are and they aren’t, if that makes sense. I am a believer in and a lover of God. I acknowledge the man known as Christ to be fact and solid history, and I was led by grace to accept him as my personal saviour.The people being sly and intellectual upstanding Atheists and Agnostics are sweeping all believers under the banner of Christianity, without regard to the subtle differences in faith or understanding that individuals may posess. There is no wisdom in lack of discernment, and I don’t give a flying fucking damn if you are a non-believer or a believer, or if you spout apathy loud and proud; if you lump everyone together and dismiss ideas out of hat without benefit of a healthy exchange because those ideas/beliefs are different from your own, then you are a fool and I pity you.

I pity you, and that pity is non-exclusionary….no matter what your race, age, gender, height, weight or underwear size.

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  1. telutci 7.1.2002

    You are woman, hear you roar! Don’t you love it when everyone gets stuck on a topic that is BOTH religious and political? It’s like two-two-two kicks up the ass in one!

  2. jen 7.2.2002

    Right with you. My tongue aches from being bitten.

  3. Matt Rossi 7.2.2002

    I don’t see how anyone who actually is an agnostic, as opposed to just choosing to say they are because they think it sounds cooler than atheist for some reason, could mock anyone for having any particular belief system. Then again, I adopted it as a means by which to present my basic doubts (and they are pretty basic doubts) while allowing myself the room to continue searching. So maybe I’m biased.

    But it’s not true that it’s just the atheists and agnostics doing the bashing, Jett. Not by a long sqwak. Turn on the radio or the tube and you hear a whole lot of bashing coming out of those who define themselves as Christian. (Of course, the interesting thing about Christianity is that two people who worship Christ can denounce each other as heretics faster than you can quote Corinthians.) So I think the fervor is everywhere…hell, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s a big old smokescreen.

  4. Jett 7.2.2002

    My dear lovely Rossi,

    I realize that a multitude of ‘Christians’ have been doing the bashing thing for a loooong bloody time.

    What I was addressing here was the ‘other side’s’ up-in-arms reaction to it while SIMULTANEOUSLY mocking Christians for being Christians.

    I have not one tolerant bone in my body for a fucking hyprocrite. THAT’s what I was saying….

  5. Matt Rossi 7.3.2002

    Not much argument can be made, Jett. Even though I’ve been and will be a hypocrite in my life…hell, show me anyone who’s never said one thing and then found themself doing the other at least once. Part of that whole mess we call life, I guess. But I do totally agree that it’s sickening to see someone kick someone in the nuts metaphorically and then decry the Rocheambeau. If you hate it, don’t do it.

    By the way, what exactly is entailed in this whole sponsoring deal? I’m hardly loaded, but I like to do good things. What, he asks, would be expected of me?

  6. Jett 7.3.2002

    You can click on any of the ’sponsor me’ links on the page and pony up dough in the form of a flat donation or a per-hour pledge.

    You can pimp my cause on your website. You can stay up late and hang out with me on the night of the ‘thon. Last year I went chemical-free until hour 22, when Maxim made me about three pots of coffee. I started seeing shit at hour 23. I literally was ‘on the nods’ for a couple of my posts. At one point I snapped awake with my nose about four inches from the keyboard. It’s all great fun, and you really have more of a sense of accomplishment than you’d realize.

    Of course, I didn’t touch the fucking computer for 72 hours afterward. Didn’t even want to look at it. Somewhat like an employee of Steve Jobs’. *teeheeee*


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