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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 17, 2002 || 12:38 am

…muggy summer night
humidity out of control
roaming lonely around Cyberia
slip sticking to me
ankles crossed, hair curling at the back of my   neck
it’s one-something ay emm
eating a beautiful vine-ripe tomato
cradling it juicy in my hand
taking big apple-ish bites
seeds squirting, dribbling down my chin
a little wet juice spot on the tip of my nose
content….you could call it happy…..

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  1. Steph 7.17.2002

    Nice. This is my first time visiting your site (got it from a link on mindspillage.net). Just wanted to let you kow that I enjoyed today’s poem, and I will definately be back.

  2. Jo-Ann 7.18.2002

    Hey gf! Love that image of the Tomato in the early morning hours. Miss chatting with ya. Pop on sometime and shout at me.


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