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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 28, 2002 || 2:30 am

April Love and I have just busted out the hooch. Thaaaaaat’s riiiiiii-iiiiiiight….my daddy’s homemade plum wine. w00t!

In all frankness, I cannot guarantee your safety henceforth, gentle reader. Just so you know.

And April Love tells me that I should tell you all to eat my ass. With a cracker. As you might well imagine, that made me laugh like a fucktard. Immensely.

*unabashed, childish glee*

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The Practical Guide To Southern Verbiage And Colloquialism For The Addled Ferner:

wine; vino

“My Diddy, he makes a meaaaan batcha wahhn.”

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