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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 28, 2002 || 3:31 am

My horrorscrape says, “Aries is working when you ought to be playing. You deserve more than you’re getting. The Pisces Moon won’t deny you anything, but you have to phrase the question properly.”

Hear that people?? So my question is, “Just where the fuck are my comments, huh?” There’s been, like 70 of ya here per hour all night. Speak!!

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The Practical Guide To Southern Verbiage And Colloquialism For The Addled Ferner:

knee-walkin’ drunk
extreme level of intoxication which blocks the ability to locomote properly on two feet, but predicates crawling

“Momma embarrassed me so bad at my weddin’….she got knee-walkin’ drunk and told dirty jokes all naht.”

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  1. jonathan 7.28.2002

    I couldn’t thon this year, so I thought I would make the rounds to show support. Remember why you do this! You only have a handful of hours left! Listen to Jackson Five! My comments become more exclamatory with each passing bear!


    “I’ll go forwards, you go backwards, and somewhere we will meet…”

  2. unxmaal 7.28.2002

    hello i am a monkey i like cheese please eat my goats

    itsy bitsy spider ran up the water spout.

    i’m really sleepy.

    and beth won’t talk to me cos she’s posting or something.



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