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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 28, 2002 || 3:58 am

Twenty things that I find sexy:

–the way that some Brits say ‘wiv’ instead of ‘with’
–late-night phone conversations
–men who laugh when I call them “BITCH!”
–low-slung ballcaps
–a strong, raunchy bassline
–big, ‘manly’ hands with long, lithe fingers
–males in blue jeans with bare chests and bare feet
–a good vocabulary
–speed (the locomotive type, der.)
–solid eye contact
–heand-written letters on crisp, heavy paper
–candles’ glow
–disciplined swagger
–live music
–lone scars on smooth skin
–watching someone’s mouth –really focusing on it– as they speak
–big coverlets and a mound of fluffy pillows
–sunlight through half-open blinds
–people who dance without inhibition

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