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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 28, 2002 || 4:57 am

Almost delerium time. I can feel it coming on.

I’ve hit the Mountain Dew (proudly manufactured and distributed by PepsiCo). Now you know.

The twilight is creeping ’round….sun will be here soon. Reminds me of those hellish days when I was a hard-core insomniac.

*sigh* Those were some sad, sad times.

Two hours to go, and I’m playing ’shake the head’.

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  1. Jenna 7.28.2002

    haven’t been here before, but i’m loving it… great job on the blogathon :-)

  2. Jett 7.28.2002

    Thanks, Jenna, I would hope you’ll return!


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