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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 28, 2002 || 4:46 pm

*peeks head out from under covers*
*waits for all-clear signal*

The moments after the Blogathon are always sort of surreal. I don’t mean the moments directly afterward, where you are stumbling like a drunkard toward the kitchen for that last glass of ice water; I mean the several hours after you wake up from the post-thon sleep session. It’s like you were plugged into the matrix and you are allowed to come up for air…the world is a gentle assault on your somewhat raw system.

But everything looks fresh and pure in a way.

I can’t believe that I’m here, sitting in front of this box a mere nine hours after the whole shebang. As I recall, last year the computer stayed turned off for a full three days afterward. But that could just be fond reminiscing clouding my memory. As I’m too unmotivated to go and check the archives just now, I’ll trust you to do it for me and respond in kind. But then it may well never get done….

I had hoped to batch out an e-mail to each of you, my lovely sponsors, but I will simply post all pertinent info here and then maybe gently remind you in a couple weeks.

Your awesome pledge dollars should take the form of a check made out to either Tourette Syndrome Association or TSA. Please remember to write the addy of this site OR www.blogathon.org across the memo line (this helps Mark, my contact, know that pledges have been satisfied). This check should then be placed gently in an envelope, sealed, the appropriate postage affixed, and the following gets scrawled across the front:

Tourette Syndrome Association

42-40 Bell Boulevard

Bayside, New York 11361-2820

ATTN: Mark Levine

If you’d like to pay via credit card, then contact Mark at 718-224-2999, extension 230, or at mark.levine@tsa-usa.org. If you didn’t get in to pledge for one reason or the other, that’s okay, I’ll come kill you in your sleep you can go on and send a donation anyway. It’s not necessary that you let me know, but if you’d be so kind as to e-mail me and let me know, that’d be great.

My own blogathon efforts garnered $418.89 this year. Cumulatively, all the ‘thonners amassed over $58,000 in pledges. Fifty-eight thousand dollars. That’s quite incredible for one little upstart project, you know? Big ole cornball that I am, I am proud to have been part of such an effort for two years running, and have already pencilled it into my planner for next year. I hope this thing will only grow.

There were hiccups with this year’s growth (number of bloggers participating doubled, number of pledge dollars tripled), but that’s to be expected. When you add human beings to anything there is an unavoidable fuck-up factor. It’s like my cousin Stevie says, “We keep idiot-proofing shit, but they keep building better idiots.” I know. We are a family of lovelies. Imagine fifty of me in a room, and you could not even come close to approaching the madness.

Cat and her gang did a wonderful job. They are to be commended. Now if we could get all of those blogging on the same page, that’d be super.

I’m planning to post a list of worthy sites sometime soon. For now go and visit googlefish. She is a nutbag who contacted me unawares around three ay em with this (only a snippet of the madness):

“…and the weirdest thing was that at that moment, i swear my boobs grew a little. not much, but noticably.

“There was more, but i’m still processing the experience.

“can you begin to understand?”

She also entered these exhibits into blogathon scrutiny:

“Oh Guilty, bad, bad me ….
I snuck part of a smoke in my bedroom. I wanted to snoop on the neighbors without being seen. It’s reasonably quiet over there for a saturday night … welfare night’s next week.”

“I never understood why people collect things; matchbooks, spoons, star trek memorabilia … But a collection of thoughts? An accumulation of ideas? The bones of my memories preserved within easy reach?
Now THAT I get.”

“It’s almost 8 a.m., and no, I haven’t finished the laundry. I didn’t do any laundry at all in fact, so sue me. At least i’m kinda cute. I got that going for me.”

“….a blogathon is a lot like i imagine a star trek convention would be, except you don’t have to smell people, or talk to them unless you want to. But you still get to wear your pyjamas and hang out with the other weirdos. You can even dress like a Klingon if you want to, or not dress at all, and no one will care.”

*lowers head slightly and raises eyebrows* See what I mean? She is my new best girl and doesn’t know it yet.

Speaking of, TACKY PACKtm submissions are closed at midnight tonight. Get on in there. I’ll draw a name and hopefully post it tomorrow. If you have submitted (heh-heh) and haven’t yet gotten e-mail confirmation from me, then you need to re-send. Mmkay.

Now I am off to brush out the bedhead, remove the slippery silk robe, and slide into the bathtub to be cradled by warm water. After that I do believe I’ll take the notebook and the guitar to the park, where I will sing softly and slowly while the mosquitos chew on me. At least, until such time as the sun decides to set.

*gentle kisses to you all*

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  1. kd 7.28.2002

    see, you wake up and can put coherent thoughts together. me? more or less sitting here with a small trail of drool running down my chin.

    still very surreal.

  2. jessy 7.28.2002

    Congrats! We all did it.. Until next year


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