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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 29, 2002 || 8:12 pm

Okay, I don’t know how many of you have a hotmail account, so I feel it is imperative that I show you this:

It’s an ad from my hotmail inbox, and it freaks me the fuck out.

I mean, take a gander at the look in this woman’s eyes! Whose bright idea was it to use her in an ad campaign for this company, anyway? Here’s what I see: “I work from home in order to spend more time with my baby, who I am training to be a psychopathic, crazed homicidal maniac JUST LIKE MOMMY.” Surely there was a shot from the photo shoot that would have made a better layout, even if there wasn’t a saner-looking model available.

Loooook, the look on this bitch’s face scares me, and we all know that I don’t fear anything.

Except cockroaches. But that fear is justified. They are nasty little critters.

Okay, DRUMROLL PLEASE, because we have our first TACKY PACKtm winner:

HEY JO-ANN, YOU HAVE FORTY-EIGHT HOURS IN WHICH TO CONTACT ME. If you fail to do so, the prize will be forfeited to the runner up.

If you didn’t win this go-round, take heart. I will open submissions once again on 21 August.

Alright, that’s about everything. Good morrow.

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  1. fish 7.29.2002

    As you can imagine, i’m heartbroken that the cosmos chose not to betow upon me the honor of the tackypack. I will keep the faith, and pray for next time.

    As for the freaky lady in the ad: did it occur to you that maybe the lucrative home work opportunity involves raising babies for the black market and the slave trade?

    It WOULD explain the psycho-eyes …

  2. Jett 7.29.2002


    *waves arms wildly*

    LOOK, everyone! SHE’s here! I just KNEW she’d come baaaack!

  3. fish 7.30.2002

    Well a course i’m back. You’re stuck with me now.

    Hey, would you send me the URL from that hotmail ad? I need to see how much i can get for a teenager.


  4. Okay, thank you to all the powers that be for bestowing on moi the wonderment of the Tacky Pack! This is more of a reward than you can imagine. I will lose unfathomable amounts of weight because of the Tacky Pack. How you may ask? Well, I will be rushing down to the community mailbox area every day til it comes. Let’s see Jarod beat that one! There’s a commercial endorsement for the new Tacky Pack….Hey Jarod, stuffing your face with Subway yet again? Ha…. I lost 83 pounds by way of the Tacky Pack! I even got to eat all my favorite foods right in the comfort of my own home with no strangers watching my every bite. So all you overweight folks out there who need a little push in the right direction…. win yerself a Tacky Pack, and enjoy watching those pounds just disappear! —– By the way Jett… did you ever imagine that the person with the freaky eyes in the ad was maybe a MAN….. lmao think on that one for a while!


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