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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 1, 2002 || 3:41 pm

This is me whining about not being able to go to BlogCon:

“I wanna go-ooohhhh to Blaaahhhhhggg Caahhhhhnnnn. I want to go!”

This is me getting over it:
“Oh well. Not do-able. Maybe next year.”

I look at it this way: I have plenty of lead time for 2003.

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  1. fish 8.1.2002

    hey! That’s not you in the figure skates is it?

  2. Jett 8.2.2002

    Noooo, darling, that is apparently the yin to my very dark yang.

    Seth said, upon designing this place, (or more to the point, upon my asking “WHY THE HELL IS YAMAGUCHI ON MY PAGE??!?”) that “Everybody loves Kristi Yamaguchi! She’s so niiiiiiice.” Or something along those lines.

    Apparently she is hanging out over there to the left in order to mute some of the sting of my words.


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