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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 14, 2002 || 10:50 am

Something I may not have told you in the past:

My mother wanted to name me Mary Margaret when I was born. Mary Margaret. Holy fuck.

Maxim’s father wanted to name him Fonzie (no middle name reported as of this writing) when he was born.

But for the grace of God and one lucid parent, we would have been presented thusly at our wedding:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Fonzie and Mary Margaret Superior!”


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  1. tim451 8.14.2002


  2. G. Oldielocks 8.14.2002

    I am truly laughing out loud!

  3. fish 8.14.2002

    Others have survived, even thrived with the name. http://www.angelfire.com/indie/impryan/ohara.html)

    I’m sure you would give the nuns something to giggle about in vespers.

  4. tim451 8.14.2002

    jett, since i have not mine own blog no mo’, here’s a linky for you:

  5. The Fancy Llama 8.14.2002

    Yeah, that would have been no good, but how cool would it be to introduce yourself as “The Fonz”?

    I just started thinking about what I wrote, and I want to say that you’re right, it wouldn’t be cool for long. It’d be one of those novelty things. The first time would be like “HEY, I’M THE FONZ!” with a finger point and a smile that would remind people of John Travolta. But by intro #6 you’d be like “Yeah, my parents named me Fonzie. Fuckin’ FONZIE. Weep for me, please.”

  6. the olive 8.14.2002

    my name was going to be Damon Grey Oliver. To me it sounds like Demon, but to each his own.

  7. the olive 8.14.2002

    and did I mention that my mothers married name is Sandy Candy?

  8. Jett 8.18.2002

    G. Oldie: laugh now, bitch, cry later! *heehee*

    fishaaaay: I dunno if the nuns would giggle. Apparently you have never heard the story of how I got thrown out of Catholic school for telling a nun she was going to hell because she wasn’t Baptist. My “quality private education” died a sudden death.

    timato: I try not to point and gloat over the misfortunes of others. At least not in public. I bet the glommers are going NUTS over this one.

    Llama-mang: I’m sure Maxim would not be the fine pacifist lover of humanity that he is today had he been named Fonzie. Thank God his pop was away at some hippie love-in when the actual birth certificate was being typed up.

    Olive dearest: I went to school with a kleptomanic named Kani Kane. I shit you not. She was a nice girl, but looked sorta low-rent pornish (mayhap this is what her folks had in mind for her, and saved her the whole ‘pick a suggestive, cutesy name’ step in the process?) and made it necessary for you to keep all valuables stuffed down your pants/undies while she was in the near vicinity.


  9. Jett 8.18.2002

    TYPO! read ‘Kani Kane’ as


    sheesh. you’d think i’ve been drankin’ er sumthin’…


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