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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 18, 2002 || 3:30 am

Delmer Skeets McGee recommends that you never, NEVER-EVER eat at Claim Jumper. He says that the food is utter crap and that they add insult to injury by giving you lots of it.

He plans on, and I quote, “….drafting a strongly-worded letter.”

He promises to apprise us of the outcome.

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  1. tel 8.19.2002

    I thought it was delicious. I just couldn’t figure out why it had “Nike” stamped into it. Must be an old-west branding iron thing…

  2. The Dane 8.19.2002

    What? The guy has a problem with meat? I’ve only once tasted food there that wasn’t worth its price tag – otherwise, I’ve been quite pleased with the ribs and steaks I’ve eaten.

  3. tel 8.19.2002

    you want the truth? the truth is, we ordered a pitcher of beer that they NEVER DELIVERED. does that qualify as being shun-worthy?

  4. Matt Rossi 8.19.2002

    Tara and I eat there. There is too much food, but it’s been good two times out of three, and that first time, we were there with someone else so it doesn’t count. That’s the law.

  5. Tara 8.19.2002

    I’ve never had problems with the food there… granted, this could also be something found only at the Claim Jumper locations in Pleasant Hill/Concord, CA and Tukwila, WA. In fact, one of my current houseguests and I used to eat there all the time.

  6. delmer 8.20.2002

    yes. I can’t stand the thought of consuming the flesh of a animal.

    for the record Dane, I eat so much meat that one day I will sneeze, look down and find my colon starring back up at me….The food just sucked. bad. when you pay a cool bill for dinner, you expect it to be at a certain level..this experience was far below that mark.

    Oh yes, I also believe I actually said I wouldn’t be eating there again on my own dime…I had always heard good things about Claim Jumper, and can only imagine it is a shift in business practice, or a localized issue.


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