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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 18, 2002 || 8:57 pm

Okay, nobody get excited, but…..

I think I am officially a grown-up now. I posted my first thread to MeFi (after all this time lurking and infrequently posting) and people actually responded! They didn’t even laugh/flame me outta there! Got a none-too-shabby 19 comments…

I should get some sort of certificate of merit, don’t you think? They’re a tough crowd sometimes, those rowdy MeFiers.

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  1. waistdog 8.19.2002

    I had a little gold star around here somewhere, I was going to give you.

    But then I found it was stuck to the bottom of my foot……I looks kind of nice there…..so I’m keeping it.

    Congratulations though.


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