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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 20, 2002 || 10:12 pm

The dryads are mourning, for many of their fellows have fallen today.

The storm, with winds so strong that it looked like charges had been set into the center of hundred-some-odd year-old trees, didn’t last that long. What I thought was a tornado while hollering for everyone to get away from the plate glass window in the game room turned out to be straight-line winds that did a fuck of a lot of damage to a small rectangular area around our home, maybe 3 blocks by 7 blocks.

Eerie how the bottom fell slap out as soon as Sam and Scout were no more than two feet into the house, fresh off the bus. The neighborhood is wood-chewed carnage, our yard is a wreck, but we ate stir-fry cooked on a Coleman two-burner out on the front porch by candlelight.

The kids’ eyes sparkled with adventure and near misses and Scout said the most strikingly eloquent prayer thanking God for our safety and that of the neighbors around us. She asked Him to guide the hands and steps of those shimmying up the power poles outside, working long past supper time and into the darkness to give back our frivolity….our televisions and electric lights and digital clocks and computers and compact disc players nestled into more stereo than any of us will ever need. Then she suggested that we go down and take them sodas, and we did.

Pictures tomorrow, mebbe, of the unbelievable things that storms can do to trees.

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  1. waistdog 8.21.2002

    Glad to hear y’all are alright.

    Sorry to hear about the trees though.

    You’d think after all these years…they’d have evolved the ability to duck.

  2. Jett 8.22.2002

    No shit, huh? All of the saplings are fiiiine and dandy; it’s the hundred-plus year-old trees that were snapped in half (literally) like twigs.

    Just goes to prove that it CAN’T be good to become too rigid and set in yer ways.

    Still, sad to see a tree quadruple my age meet its’ untimely end.


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