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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 23, 2002 || 11:21 pm

Welllllll, I was gonna throw a BIGCRAZYSEXAAAAYTERRIFICOVERBOSE post up here, but I got Hoovered (J. Edgar or otherwise) into The HeroMachine over at UnderGroundOnline and it mercilessly sucked up all my time. Once the resident techno’tard (read: me) figures out the whole screen capture business, I may just throw a couple of my creations up here for your perusal.

Heh. Forgot all about my yahoo (I refuse to capitalize or add the ridiculous !EXCLAMATION! point….yahoo’s nothing to get excited about) personal ovah heeyah.

ChristInY’all: “Your Christ is too small.” I believe I’ll have that put on a t-shirt. It speaks volumes to me, although not in the way that they’d intended, I’d wager…

Get outta here and submit for a TACKY PACKtm! You know you want one….this month’s topic is “The Inscription for Jett’s Headstone”. Hell, I’m laughing so hard at the ones that have already been submitted, it may even become a separate section for this site. Wheee!

I forgot to say ‘cogent’ in this post, so there, I just said it. COGENT. COGENTcogentCOGENT.


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  1. The Fancy Llama 8.24.2002

    Speaking of t-shirts… you owe me one dammit. Yeah, that’s right. You thought it would just slip the mind. WELL Jett, there’s an old phrase for this one: A llama neverforgets.


    Shit, that’s an elephant. But either way I won’t forget about the… uh… the… thing.

  2. Jett 8.24.2002

    What you were told, dearest llama, after all that shameful begging on your part, was that WHEN I ever get some made you will be the happy recipient.


  3. waistdog 8.24.2002

    Your christ may be too small…..but dat buddha belly’s bigger.

  4. The Fancy Llama 8.24.2002

    Oh I am aware that the shirt isn’t coming till it’s made. I just thought I would bug. Thought it would be more of a “tee hee” out of you than a “DAMMIT LLAMA!” Sorry about any anger that I may have caused.

  5. Jenn 8.25.2002

    The superhero generator sucked me in, too. Totally.

    Thanks for the link!


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