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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 25, 2002 || 11:51 am

A bunch of randomy-ness:

Haha, clever Maxim. Every few days he changes the title under the icon that we click to sign on to the InterWeb. Last week he scribbled ‘I broke mah BEARD’. This morning I found ‘The Amazing Jett Sprayer’. That Maxim is so funny! I will laugh all the way to the graveyard, on our way to bury him. Do NOT poke the rabid tiger. DO NOT. (Scientific question: DO tigers in fact get rabies?)

Today amidst the spam about J Lo giving a dancer a blow job (der…what do you think happens on the road??) and how all sorts of people want to make amazingjettgrrrl’s penis larger (yep, still getting that one) I got an e-mail from a young man residing out in the desert and calling himself ‘the dude’. Apparently the Llama comes with all sorts of free accessories, one of which is kooky friends. This is why I love Llama so. So ‘the dude’ writes a whole bunch of stuff to me via e-mail, then writes a whole bunch more (funny, I got the impression that he was maybe chemically altered…or maybe his meds were just wearing off), and down around the end of things he writes,

Jett I get the feeling that right about 17 lines up ago, you say, “hey,
who the fuck, and why the fuck do I care?”

And to this I say, ‘the dude’, you made me laugh, because I walk around saying that CONSTANTLY. Thank you for e-mailing me. Now stop it. <--that was a joke....humor eases the throbbing painium in my cranium

Talked to Keith, the ringwebmaster from giparty, last night and he is decorating his speech with ‘darlin’ these days. It works for me. All d00ds should go through a ‘darlin’ phase; some should stay in it. Chicks dig it, man, I’m here to tell ya.

My favorite spam o’ tha day was this:

On January 1st 2002, the European countries began
using the new Euro. Never before have so
many countries with such powerful economies united
to use a single currency. Get your piece of history
now! We would like to send you a FREE Euro
and a FREE report on world currency. Just visit
our site
to request your Euro and Euro report.

No thank you, Satan. I exercise what little rights I still have to opt out. Speaking of Satan and what little rights I have left, here is an open call to you design freeeks out there: I am wanting to tattoo a barcode onto my ass. I’ve wanted to do this for years, even before I started getting inked. I need a good one. Anyone game enough to craft one and send it to me? When I finally get it put on, I’ll send a picture of it mounted on my flesh to the person that came up with the design I end up (geddit? END UP? HA!) using. THIS should be fun.

TACKY PACKtm submissions are still open.

Before I forget to bitch about this (because LORD KNOWS I have so much bitching to do that some of it is bound to get lost in the mix), running a search on google of “All blogged up and nowhere to go” yields these results. Most of them are references to my site directly (either the old GeoShitties one, which amazingly still gets traffic, or this one right here that you be squattin’ on) or those who have my site linked somewhere in their own little Cyberian Word Farm. This one has nothing to do with me. Her diary is linked by MY title in several other places on Kuro5hin. Over here you find it being used as a tag line for somebody else’s site(the site in question appears to be defunct now, but still…) Here it is the lead-in to a post.

This is not the first time it’s happened and not the first time I’ve been rankled by it.

Sure, it was an off-the-cuff title, because I was stuck for a good one when creating my account at Blogger. I grabbed what came to me, what was original (I searched it before using it!), what was glib, thinking I would come up with a better one later and change it. Before I got off of my lazy brain to do so, I found myself linked at a couple different places (by the blog title) and just said –in true Jett fashion– “Ahhhh, what the fuck…”

The title is stupid, really, and I am aware of that. But the term was coined by me, to the best of my knowledge, and was nowhere to be found when I started this weblog. As I stated before, I Googled it prior to using it as my title, because I didn’t want to infringe upon someone else. Hell, I even Googled “All blogged up” before proceeding, because “what if“?? Even the truncated versions like “All blogged up” annoy me when I see them on other people’s sites, because it is a term that I –by all rights and appearances– have coined as the title to my collection of work here on the InterWeb. You NEVER saw it before I created this blog.

I am taking into account that maybe –just maybe– some of these people saw it in passing on the Blogger site in the ‘recently updated’ section and the term kinda hung somewhere in the subconcious. BUT STILL…I am pissed off. I can’t seem to help it, even though I conciously try to be the ‘bigger person’ about it.

Do I not have the right to be annoyed? Shouldn’t I be protective of the moniker that I use to identify my ‘work’ here on the web with?

I gotta end this post and go for a walk or something. The more I write about this, the more furious I become. Time for a break. Time to breathe. Time to not take this fucking box and hurl it at the wall. Time to not get out the VeVe dolls and start poking them with pins.

Please, *rubs temples, gestures toward the monitor* comment. By all means, comment.

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  1. The Fancy Llama 8.25.2002

    Okay, first off, I want to say that “HEY, there’s no apostrophe in my web address.” Secondly, I thought I was gonna have time for a way cool way long comment, but that’s not the case. Damn.

  2. Jett 8.25.2002

    OOOOOOPS. all fix-ed.

  3. Sean 8.25.2002

    I’m gonna guess that you came in on the middle of that and missed most of it. But hey, it’s not your fault, right? You just like to spout of your opinion to anyone who will listen. So you’re a vet and the daughter of two former vets. You want a cookie? I don’t particularly care. I can present my views as I seem fit. It all started off from a harmless joke that made a poor boy, Jake, cry. (“Real Men Love Jesus, eh? You’re right. He looks great in a dress.”) From there, I had someone threaten to break my ankles, and then was told to leave because I was offending everyone. I got tired of it, and felt the need to be nasty. That’s also my right. But I also have no need to defend myself to someone like you. My comment that you called cheesy was there to prove a point, ie: It’s public domain, and I can say what I feel is appropriate. Don’t tell me I don’t deserve to wear the uniform. You know nothing of me than a little cut and paste from a stupid website. Grow up and go away.

  4. Sean 8.25.2002

    I’m sorry. That ending was mean. I don’t mean the go away part. Really.

  5. Jett 8.25.2002

    Sean, you bringer of sweetness and light, you:

    Firstly, I didn’t come in at the end….I read it all before I opened my big ole yap to comment. Yes, I do like to spout my opinion to anyone that will listen. Apparently you are no stranger to that, so why attempt to slam someone else for same?

    I love cookies! You are welcome to gift me with them at any time! For the record, there is no such thing as a ‘former vet’ (I’ll leave you to puzzle that one out on your own).

    You’re right; you can present your views in any way you SEE fit. And I can point out to you that you are being an obnoxious ayhole…people tend to not hear a given message when it is not delivered in a rational, sane, ADULT manner. Apparently you lack the ability to comprehend that particular message.

    If someone threatens you, you deal with THEM. You don’t drag down the morale of an entire community (web or otherwise) because of it. OR, you choose to tell that person to go fuck themselves and don’t lend anymore of your time to them. When you do, you validate their behavior for them. And you get asked by the webmaster (in the online context) to leave.

    If you have no need to defend yourself to ’someone like me’, then just why are you HERE, champy, doing just THAT? And who exactly IS ’someone like me’, hmmm?

    I agree….it’s public domain. I pointed that out to YOU over there, if you recall. I back you on that point one hundred per. Are you paying attention??

    I never ONCE told you that you don’t deserve to wear the uniform….my EXACT quote was, “…I find it very disheartening that people like this Sean-person are sporting a uniform.” You are free to quote me until your dying breath, but DON’T YOU EVER FUCKING *MISQUOTE* ME, YOU PLEBIAN.

    You’re right. I know nothing of you — except for what you presented. Lack of bearing and comportment is what I witnessed. Likewise, you know nothing of me, but you cannot claim that I did not present my opinions in a logical, mature manner. You chose to take a defensive tack. It’s not my problem that you cannot handle your business and choose to get bent because someone makes an observation.

    Notice how often the word choice (or variants of it) are used in the above paragraph. Mean anything to you?

    Grow UP, Sean? This from the person that said, and I quote again, “And if I don’t, what are you going to do?”. AHHHHHH-hahaha! Stop, yer killin’ me!

    The ‘go away’ thing is especially funny, Mister Knee-Jerk, because that’s EXACTLY what you took offense to over there….people requesting nicely that you go away and stop disrupting their part of Cyberia. What an absolute fucking RIOT! I’m glad you came to your senses a short time later and offered up a retraction. There may be hope for you yet….

  6. West 8.25.2002

    One word Sean: AFLAC

    PS: Your straightforward manner is quite a relief Jett. Hope you have whatever kind of day you prefer.

  7. waistdog 8.26.2002

    Only because I’m such a helpful little guy………One can be a former vet, if they had worked with animals.

    Otherwise…once a vet, always a vet.

  8. fish 8.26.2002


    You can generate your own barcodes at http://www.barcodesinc.com/generator/index.php

  9. Sean 8.26.2002

    Ok, let’s see. 1) I was dealing with them. And from there, somehow, it went to the whole entire site. I don’t really know how. One second it was back and forth between myself and the other individual, and the next it had spilled over onto the tag board. 2) You’re right, my arguements weren’t rational, logical, and what not. I was bored, so I just started arguing. It how I pass the time. I get a kick out of people’s reactions. 3) No, I’m not paying attention. I don’t even remember my original point or where it all started. My attention span is not that long. 4) Most of my arguements were either crap or not well presented. You’re right in that. And I can see where your point of view comes from. I was just having fun. It kind of grew fast, and next thing I know, people I don’t know are jumping in. That I also found funny. 5) This has all been fun. You have a … day. I’m sure you would have had one anyway, but I thought I’d wish you one.


  10. tim451 8.26.2002

    Here’s yer barcode, Nancy:


    Now scoot, before I tell yer pappy yer up past yer bedtime!

  11. West 8.26.2002

    Sean was like this at Tech School too…not many friends because of it, but he seemed to get a kick out of the fact people hated him. Oh well, some people never learn…

  12. Jett 8.26.2002

    S’okay by me, WestOlePal….it’s Sean that ain’t gettin’ laid, not me. >:oD

    Notice how he was MUUUUUUCH more docile in his second comment?

    “Lie down, boy! That’s a gooood bitch…”

  13. Jett 8.26.2002

    Who’s callin’ who Nancy, prettyboy? LOL…

    And fishaaaay, I played with that barcode generator a couple weeks back, but it didn’t have enough…I dunno, OOMPH for me.

    And waistdog? *smooch* You precious man, you!

  14. Sean 8.27.2002

    *Smirk* I’m not getting laid? Yeah. Ok. And I’m only trying to be more rational and logical. That is what you wanted, right?


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