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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 26, 2002 || 9:47 pm

I made the UPS guy laugh like a crazy person today. It was great; it made my whole day.

The favor was karmically returned, because tonight I got a search referral from Google: “bitches on pillows no credit card needed”. TO DIE FOR, DAH-LINGK.

Also today were referrals for ‘desperate to pee females’ and my personal favorite (and maybe new nickname…try it out on me for a couple days and let’s see how I likes it), ‘rivet nose’. What a great thing to call somebody in anger….just imagine! “You fucking rivet nose motherfucker!!”

Have sweet dreams, my dear ones…and don’t forget, TACKY PACKtm submissions close soon. Gimme a good line for my future headstone and you could be the next winnah!

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  1. The Fancy Llama 8.26.2002

    The way I see it, would you REALLY want to be called something that would also double as such a fantastic insult? Just a curious thought.


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