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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 26, 2002 || 10:33 pm

Nora has two teenage sons with Tourette Syndrome; she is concerned that her youngest may have it, as well.

I just found out for the first time today that she has it also….

It breaks my heart that she views herself as a ‘genetic weak link’.

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  1. Nora 8.27.2002

    Hey Jett,

    Thanks for thaking the time to stop by my place.

    At times , when I get really down, I do view myself as the genetic weak link, because I’ve always had tics. I’m uncertain as to whether I have full blown T.S., but I definitely have tics.

    BTW, I put an entry in your guest book over there.

    Take care,


  2. Bastion 8.28.2002

    Perhaps more people should consider themselves genetic weak links and decide not to procreate. That would solve many, many problems. Just a thought.

  3. Jett 8.28.2002

    Perhaps it would, but I can’t help thinking that not having children won’t solve all the worlds’ ills. I find ANY type of extremism dubious at best.

    While I respect your opinion, I cannot fully support it. In light of the nature of this post, I find it to be cruel that you would choose to present this particular belief. Timing makes all the difference in swaying someone to your side, my dear.

    And for the record, you’ll carry more weight around here if you include a URL supporting your opinion (whether your own or someone else’s) or your e-mail address so that you may be engaged in conversation on this topic.

    Thanks for taking the time to chime in.

  4. Jett 8.28.2002

    WILL solve the world’s ills, I meant….too early….ugh….

  5. Jett 8.28.2002

    Or maybe I was right the first time? I woke with a horrible headache and now I can’t thing straight.

  6. Jett 8.28.2002

    THINK straight! I’ll go away now….

  7. delmer 8.28.2002

    Everyone has wear spots on their jeans; some people’s rough spots are simply more visible than others. Rest assured, every pair of pants has a rub, hole, or bad stitch.

    oh those genes…! well you know what? it applies to those too.

    Just another helpfull fashion tip from the king of rural atire.

  8. Bastion 8.29.2002

    I in no way meant to single out your friend nor Tourette syndrome, which I didn’t even know was hereditary. Even though it is, it’s a relatively minor defect when compared with dandies like Huntington’s disease.

    I never said everyone should stop having kids, but that’s not a bad idea either. It may sound extreme, but I’d like to hear any non-extreme ideas you might have on how to solve the world’s ever-growing population.

    It is not only a matter of population though. It is a matter of the strength of the human species. With today’s medical expertise, children who are born with a severe genetic defect are able to live much more normal and healthy lives. While that in itself is a good thing, it also allows them the opportunity to procreate and thereby continue the genetic weakness, whereas Natural Selection would have weeded it out in the past.

    The reason for my original post was not that everyone should stop having kids, but that more people – especially those with genetic defects – should be less selfish and responsible when it comes to procreation.

    My email was omitted from my earlier post by accident. I was in a bit of a rush, which is why the post may have seemed snippy or cruel.

    However, I have no site to back up my opinion, nor do i believe that would give my argument more credit, especially if the site were my own. I don’t need someone else to draw theories out of fact. I can do that myself.

  9. Bastion 8.29.2002

    Fourth paragraph down – should read, “less selfish and MORE responsible.”


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