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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 29, 2002 || 7:02 am

So, quite unceremoniously, we’ve been plunged back into ball season. Here in the South, if it’s Fallish then ‘ball season’ refers to football. If it’s Springish, the term refers to baseball.

After getting Scout fitted for her uniform (rah-RAH), she and Mathias and I went over to the ballfield to catch the tail-end of Sam’s practice.

I tried to get him to play ball over here, but he was indignant about it:

“They play flag and flag is for girls.”

HEY….don’t look at me….he gets that shit from Biff. Scout always calls him on that kind of thing, though.

“Me an’ Momma are girls, stooooopid!” I smile quietly at moments like these. “Don’t call your brother stupid, Scouty. He’s just repeating what he learned from your dad. Take it to the source.”

The flag league is less than ten blocks away. The full contact league is fifteen minutes away, twenty in the traffic that exists around the 5:30 practice time.

Of course, we signed up for the tackle league because parental convenience dies an unwitting death–it simply has no place in the bigger picture.You were maybe aware of that?

There was fresh rain and thick red mud and clean car interior, so I kept Scout and Mathias in the car with me. Mathias proceeded to roll his window down, to hang half out of it and then to shout greetings to the children in the cars surrounding ours.

Over and over and (“ohmygaaaahd,whenwillhestopthismadness”) over rang the phrase, “My name Mathias Superer!” as well as introductions: “Dis my seesy, dis mommy. Baxter at home in his crate….”

I heard “My name Mathias Superer.” so many times that I was sure I’d lose my tenuously-held maternal grasp on sanity. I flirted with the thought of changing his name; by the time he got the hang of the new one, maybe we’d be home with a few walls separating us.

After a time, I heard Scout say, “C’mere, Mathias,” and she began to whisper away. I brought my book closer to my nose.

Before I knew it, Mathias’ head was out of the window and he was declaring,

“My name Mathias Superer….you kill fahdder. Prepare….to die!”

Scout exploded with glee.

“Scout,” I said as I turned to the little giggling mass of girl in the back seat, “people already believe we’re not right in our heads, please don’t give them any evidence to document.”

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  1. Still Life 8.29.2002

    LOL … and I *was* on record elsewhere that quotes from The Princess Bride had lost their power over me … thanx a lot for proving me wrong…

  2. Dee 9.1.2002

    LOL!! That is just so delightfully funny. I always appreciate a good random Princess Briding. *g*


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