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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 29, 2002 || 3:41 pm

Okay…..fishaaaay wins this month’s TACKY PACKtm. She has 48 hours from this post to contact me via the TACKY PACKtm mail addy with postal mailing info, or the offer is NULL, VOID, CRAPPED OUT, WITHDRAWN, etc. After that I make the offer to the runner-up (who shall remain unnamed) who will also have a 48-hour window.

But let’s no get ahead of ourselves, mmkay?

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  1. fish 8.30.2002


    I wOn?!!!

    I don’t believe it. I’m so damn happy all my bodily functions stopped completely for a few moments.

    When i start breathing again i’ll send my addy.


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